Temple of the Sun – Cathedral Valley, Utah{0}

Temple of the Sun and Moon

Continuing up the Cathedral Valley Road along the Capital Reef National Park, we finally arrived at one of the sites I most wanted to see during the trip.  I had seen many images of these sandstone monoliths and wanted to capture one that I could call my own, if nothing more than to prove that I actually saw it with my own eyes.  Closest is the “Temple of the Sun”, the largest of the two, with the “Temple of the Moon” in the background ― though equally as impressive up close.  I shot several different compositions, but none convey the sense of what it was like to actually stand next to them.  Shortly after we arrived, another photographer drove in (the only person we saw along the road that day) who had planned to stay for the evening and get both sunset and sunrise shots of the “temples.”  Unfortunately, we needed to continue our journey to Torrey, Utah where we were staying for the night.  Perhaps next year we’ll stay for those great shots.

Here are the coordinates, if you want to go there yourself:  38°27’16″ N 111°11’30″ W and a Google map of the location where the shot was made.

More to come as the journey continues …


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Photo info:  Canon 5D Mk III, EF 17-40mm f/4L at 40mm, ISO 100 at f/14, 1/100 sec.

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